Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Speaker, Author, Founder, CEO, CCO, CIO

The Mark Thompson speeches promote the need for businesses to constantly grow and maintain their ambitions in order to stay ahead in a competitive industry. Thompson believes that businesses that do not make an effort to grow will ultimately perish among their competitors. Holding the position of CEO and co-founder of Richard Branson's Business Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub, allows Thompson an in-depth perspective of how businesses can stand out from the herd and satisfy the needs of valued customers.

As a world-renowned speaker, Thompson traveled around the world lecturing on how to innovate, communicate effectively with consumers and increase revenues. Prior to this, he held the position of Chief Communications Officer, Chief IR Officer and Chief Customer Experience Officer at Charles Schwab and during his time there, customer assets grew to an exorbitant $800 billion dollars.

Boasting an impressive resume due to his work in 12 different industries and 35 firms, Thompson is a trusted asset and customer expert in the business community. 'Forbes' magazine titled Thompson “a venture investor with the 'Midas' touch” for his business work. Thompson created the Schwab Leadership Series, a initiative devoted to understanding what makes leaders, with the ranks of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Thompson occupies positions on a variety of boards, including the 'Board of Directors of Best Buy' and 'Interwoven.' Currently a visiting professor at Stanford University and a Chairman of the American Express Leadership series, Thompson teaches various techniques to innovate for the business world. In terms of his education, Thompson holds a MBA and a Master's Degree in Social Media studies from Stanford University. As an author, Thompson is probably most well-known for his publications 'Success Built to Last' and bestseller 'Now, Build a Great Business,' which examine how businesses can assume leadership roles. In conjunction with his work, Thompson edited two books -- 'Weathering the Storm' and 'Crisis As Opportunity' for Harvard Business Press.

With a keen eye for seeing what businesses need to achieve and how they can get there, the Mark Thompson speeches are saturated with practical information that businesses worldwide would be wise to implement.

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