Markham Nolan

Markham Nolan

Journalist, Managing Editor at Storyful

As a journalist and Managing Editor at a multinational company that focuses on distinguishing fact from fiction for breaking news, Markham Nolan's keynotes revolve heavily around maintaining integrity throughout personal and professional work, despite the temptations.

The editor and journalist graduated with first class honors in both the University of Dublin and the Dublin Institute of Technology and promptly began his journalism career at Ireland's first free daily newspaper, the Metro. After years of writing and editing, the journalist joined the Storyful family, which is a company situated in Ireland, Atlanta and Hong Kong that assists journalists, publishers and broadcasters in filtering out fact from fiction via online media sources.

The writer often refers to himself as the "Literary Mercenary," a neutral party in the written world where no grey area exists for possible or potential truth. Markham Nolan's keynotes force writers to reflect on the integrity of their works and sources, stressing that despite the viral allure of some of their potentially false sources, it is better to remain honorable and incorruptible.

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