Marnie McBean

Marnie McBean


The Marnie McBean presentations draw viewers in to the athlete's take on goals and personal determination. According to McBean, it is crucial for all individuals to set extremely high standards for themselves and to do away with limitations. Average objectives bring about average feelings of accomplishment, which is why one should avoid focusing on mediocre missions.

McBean graduated from Canada's University of Western Ontario. She later entered the 1992 Summer Olympics as a coxless pairs and eights events competitor, eventually attaining gold medals for each sport. In 1996 she again joined the ranks of the Summer Olympics in the double and quadruple skulls division for which she won gold and bronze designations, respectively.

The invigorating Marnie McBean presentations imbue listeners with an interest in self-improvement, and her general enthusiasm for personal growth and athleticism was enshrined in 1997 with her induction into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.

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