Martin Roll

Martin Roll

Strategic Adviser, Author

Keynotes by Martin Roll emphasize the importance of adaptability in business today. Through use of personal anecdotes, Roll describes his relocation to Asia in the 90s to explore business opportunities, which many at that time viewed as a fruitless endeavor. Roll, who holds an MBA from INSEAD and boasts over 20 years of management experience provides a unique perspective on the importance of marketing and branding.

Apart from his career as a senior adviser at Burson Marsteller Global Strategy Team, Martin is also a global bestseller author -- with two global management books currently in the writing phase -- of 'Asian Brand Strategy,' which explores the structures of Asian branding and outlines how to successfully implement these structures into one's own place of business. His book has received wide attention and praise for business leaders and named the 'Best Global Business Book' by thought leadership and management magazine, Strategy+Business. Martin Roll is also involved with Forbes Magazine, as a freelance columnist and with variety of other global media outlets.

Keynotes by Martin Roll are heard internationally each year at conferences and business schools, frequented by top-level business executives and entry-level personnel to spread the word on the importance of marketing, design and effective branding.

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