Martin Villeneuve

Martin Villeneuve

Director at Moment Factory

The keynotes by Martin Villeneuve are fascinating discussions perfect for any sci-fi fan. Montreal-based, Villeneuve is a producer, writer and director who currently works for Moment Factory. Villeneuve formerly worked for an ad agency called Sid Lee, as an artistic director. Villeneuve recently completed a futuristic film based on a few of his early graphic novels, entitled Mars et Avril.

Martin Villeneuve recently gave a creative problem solving keynote which focused on the film making process behind Mars et Avril. In this keynote, Villeneuve discusses the difficulties he ran into while filming with a limited budget and how these obstacles served as a kind of springboard for creativity. Villeneuve believes that problems are opportunities to push creative limitations.

Aside from his director position at Moment Factory, Villeneuve is currently working with graphic novel artists Benoît Sokal and François Schuiten on a new script.

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