Matt Curtis

Matt Curtis

Public Affairs Strategist

The Matt Curtis speeches reveal his unwavering belief in the value of mistakes. While most possess a strong disdain for error, Curtis has maintained that there is much to be learned from being proven wrong. Learning from one's oversights or slip-ups can be crucial down the line, making his sound cause all the more applicable to everyday life.

Curtis received his education from the University of North Texas. His current position as a public affairs and communication strategist stem from his lengthy dedication to community service, working for various Texan charities. Politically, Curtis began his career in 2003 at Austin City Hall where he worked as an Aide to Bewster McCracken. After serving on the communications board of Mayor Will Wynn as well as on the business side of Capital Metro, Curtis began a career in 2009 with City Hall under the direction of Mayor Lee Leffingwell.

The topic of mistakes is one that has come to draw in audiences to Matt Curtis's speeches. The reputable posts that he has held have made him an expert on the subject, demonstrating the benefits that may come with a bumpy road to success. In 2011, Curtis joined the Urban Advisory Board of the Harvard Kennedy School.

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