Matt Mason

Matt Mason

Executive Director of Marketing at BitTorrent

Matt Mason's keynotes delve into the market-changing concepts of piracy, file-sharing and their effects on the culture of our society as well as the economy.

Though armed with an economics degree from the University of Bristol, Mason's career began in an unlikely spot as a pirate radio DJ in his hometown of London. Finding a real passion in the music industry, he would go on to become the founder of the music magazine RWD. Mason made a real name for himself and was recognized with the Prince's Trust London Business of the Year Awarded by HRH Prince Charles.

In 2008 he wrote his book 'A Pirate's Dilemma,' a bestseller on Amazon's Economics and Rap lists, and soon after secured a position as Director of Innovation at Syrup. He is currently the Executive Director of Marketing at BitTorrent, an innovator in Internet file-sharing.

Matt Mason's keynotes betray the music-junkie in him as he so passionately speaks about topics like copyright infringement, innovative technologies and economic failures.

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