Matthew Johnstone

Matthew Johnstone

Author, Speaker

The Matthew Johnstone speeches explore the power of our thoughts and the importance in steering them in a positive direction to have an exponentially drastic effect on your livelihood and happiness.

Johnstone graduated from Otago Polytechnic with a degree in fine arts. He began work in the advertising industry, and became the Senior Art Director for Saatchi and Saatchi Sydney in 1993. After only staying for three years, he moved into the same post at Foote, Cone and Belding San Francisco. Johnstone then became the Associate Creative Director at Merkley and Partners, where he stayed for his standard 4 years. After working 12 years in the advertising industry, he decided to make a change.

Since 2009, Johnstone has been the creative consultant for the Black Dog Institute, an organization that raises awareness and delivers education on mental illness. He is currently managing his own brand, Drawn From Experience, which encompasses everything to do with his talks, writing and consulting.

He has authored many books, with his most famous being 'I Had a Black Dog' and most recent being 'Quiet the Mind.' Both books dabble on the topic of depression.

The Matthew Johnstone speeches give great advice on psychological clarity, drawn straight from the experiences of an industry creative turned passionate mental health advocate.

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