Matthew Sweeney

Matthew Sweeney

Yoga Instructor

Keynotes by Matthew Sweeney focus on the importance of making time to take care of an individual's own health. Sweeney believes that even in a fast-paced society, individuals should make health of both body and mind a top priority. He insists that this first step towards serenity may in fact led to successful business futures.

After completing three years of Zen Shiatsu training and Oki-do Yoga Teacher Training, Sweeney became a certified yoga instructor. Sweeney regularly conducts Yoga Workshops all over the globe including Australia and North America, encourages his clients to use his meditation techniques to cope with stress.

Recognizing that stress is an essential and constant factor in life, keynotes by Matthew Sweeney encourage individuals to make time for things they can control like their health and well-being.

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