Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

Mayor of New York City, Philanthropist

The speeches by Mayor Michael Bloomberg are incredibly informative and motivating events during which he imparts his wisdom and experience on those fortunate enough to hear him.

Best known for being the Mayor of New York, Mayor Bloomberg put himself through both Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University, earning a Master of Business Administration in the latter. Mayor Bloomberg would go on to start his own company, Bloomberg LP, that has grown to be incredibly successful. Mayor Bloomberg then set his sites on philanthropy, specifically in the areas of education, medical research and the arts. In 2002 Mayor Bloomberg would become the 108th Mayor of the City of New York, a position he held until December of 2013.

Having left public office, Mayor Bloomberg now has time to devote to his speaking engagements; with speeches by Mayor Bloomberg focusing on areas he is truly passionate about: policy, education, immigration, civil liberties and the environment to name a few.

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