Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks

Consultant at New Scientist, Author, Blogger, Journalist

In his keynotes, Michael Brooks applies his keen scientific mind to science itself, explaining its history, culture and mode of thinking to both informed and layperson audience members.

Brooks holds a PhD in quantum physics and is a widely circulated author and journalist. He is the author of the bestselling '13 Things That Don't Make Sense' and the 'Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science.' Aside from books, Brooks has also written for such publications as the Independent, the Observer, the Guardian and the Times Higher Education. In his writing and keynotes, Michael Brooks looks at both science and scientists, revealing the relationship between these people and their pursuit.

Brooks is a regular contributor to the New Statesman and blogs for the Huffington Post United Kingdom. Currently, he is a consultant for the New Scientist. Brooks has also lectured at venues such as Cambridge, New York University and The American Museum of Natural History.

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