Michael Gazzaniga

Michael Gazzaniga

Cognitive Neuroscientist, Psychology Professor, Director for the SAGE Center

The keynotes by Michael Gazzaniga focus on new understandings of the brain and its relation to free will. Gazzaniga explains that free will is exercised at the social level, and it is separate from the cognitive mechanisms of the brain.

Michael Gazzaniga graduated from Dartmouth College and earned a Ph. D is psychbiology from the California Institute of Technology. He undertook human split-brain research with guidance from Roger Sperry, and made important findings for research in functional lateralization and the cerebral hemispheres. He is the author of numerous science books, and is the editor of 'The Cognitive Neurosciences' series issued by MIT Press. Currently, he is a professor of psychology and director for the SAGE Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Michael Gazzaniga is one of the leading researchers for cognitive neuroscience, and his findings have made important advances to the field. The keynotes by Michael Gazzaniga clarify the misunderstandings between the social and cognitive aspects to the brain.

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