Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

Financial Journalist

The Michael Lewis keynotes delve into his lengthy career as an author and financial journalist. His expertise within the subjects of commerce, e-trading and economics have made him a go-to speaker in the business world, making him into a near household name. The New Orleans native attained his cum laude B.A. from Princeton University in 1982 where he majored in art history. He went on to further his studies at the London School of Economics in 1985, finishing with an MA degree.

Lewis' life is dotted with an assortment of high-profile posts, all of which are reflected in his keynotes. In New York he worked with the world-renowned Salomon Brothers, completing their training program and later working in their London division as a bond salesman. Lewis' personal resignation from these positions led to his authorship of 'Liar's Poker' in 1990, launching a succession of critically acclaimed publications. He reached a remarkable level in 2003 with his release of 'Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,' which was used to spark a major motion picture in 2011.

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