Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer

Founder of the Skeptic Society, Editor in Chief of Skeptic Magazine

Speeches by Michael Shermer address the famous skeptic's thorough experience with testing and exploring pseudoscientific phenomena.

Shermer, who is currently known as the Editor in Chief of Skeptical Magazine, earned a master's degree in experimental psychology at California State University, and quickly developed an interest in his current fascination with doubt. He later earned a PhD in historical science from Claremont Graduate University, and later went on to publish his work as a book. He went on to establish The Skeptic Society in 1992, which is the organization (and magazine) for which Michael is most known for. The Skeptic Society produces events and written work with the aim of debunking and exploring urban legends and widespread conspiracies.

Many speeches by Michael Shermer address his observations working within The Skeptic Society and his findings in regard to the way individual's think and believe.

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