Michael Treacy

Michael Treacy

Professional Speaker, Author, Professor

Keynotes by Michael Treacy focus on how companies can best increase their potential success and expand through reworking preexisting managerial systems. As an internationally known corporate strategy and business process expert, Treacy understands how to maximize a company's potential and market advantage. His in-depth knowledge of business strategies has made him a valuable assets to senior management of global corporations and a trusted mind in the business world. Treacy is also responsible for pioneering a revolutionary approach to business analysis titled 'Value Disciplines.'

Prior to his current position, Treacy was a Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management and currently serves as an Advisor to the National Board of the United Way of America. In terms of his education, Treacy received a Bachelor of Science from The University of Toronto and a Ph.D from MIT's Sloan School of Management.

Treacy has established himself as a writer authoring both 'The Discipline of Market Leaders,' a business bestseller, and 'Double Digital: How Great Companies Achieve It-No Matter What.' Like his writings and professional career, keynotes by Michael Treacy examine how to strategically grow businesses, so that they maintain a competitive edge over a sometimes saturated marketplace.

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