Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee

CEO of StudentsFirst

The Michelle Rhee speeches focus on the misdirection of the decisions of the education system in America.

Rhee graduated from Cornell University after receiving a BA in Government. She then proceeded to study Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where she earned her master's in 1997. In true blockbuster cliche fashion, Rhee set out to save the education system as a teacher in the Baltimore City Public Schools. She was part of as the Teach for America (TFA) corps in Harlem Park Community School. After a few short years she founded 'The New Teachers Project,' in an effort to distribute excellent teachers to classrooms around the country, running the company for about 10 years. Rhee was then appointed to become the Director of the District of Columbia public schools by the mayor. After turning around the worst performing school district and seeing phenomenal results, Rhee started the StudentsFirst not-for-profit organization and currently serves as its CEO.

Advocating for the interests of children amid the flurry of adult clout, the Michelle Rhee speeches represent assure parents all over America of the evolving education system.

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