Mike Austin

Mike Austin

Student, Social Projects Vice-President, Speaker, Research Assistant

The Michael Austin keynotes promote to the need to make a difference in the world and demonstrates that nothing is ever truly impossible. Austin believes that any individual can make a difference, if they are brave and passionate enough to take the first step and make the effort.

As an undergraduate student and Social Projects Vice-President at SIFE Southampton, Austin makes it his goal to encourage and inspire students and individuals to take step towards change. In the past, Austin led the 'Red Light' Madagascar initiative, a SIFE initiative to provide solar lamps to impoverished families that surpassed expectations and reached over 600 people. Currently, Austin is finishing up his Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University of Southampton and works as a research assistant for Operational Resilience in the field of societal resilience.

Through the Michael Austin keynotes, this vibrant young speaker encourages students to get involved in community initiatives, develop experiences beyond those of an academic orientation and to make a real and impacting change in the world.

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