Mike Germano

Mike Germano

CEO and Co-Founder at Carrot Creative

Mike Germano's keynotes revolve around the ever-growing world of social media and its increasing importance in the digital age. Carrot Creative, co-founded by Germano and currently spearheaded by him as well, focuses on the expanse of social media and its role within business. Carrot Creative's past clientele ranges from Disney to Home Depot. The multi-genre clients of this start-up indicate an ability for versatility and flexibility -- important skills of the modern era.

Educated at Quinnipiac University where Germano received a Bachelor of Sciences in Marketing in 2005, Germano went on to work as a Board of Trustee Member for the University. From there, Germano became a councilman in the 8th District of the Town of Hamden from 2006 until 2007. Since, he has co-founded New York Digital District and remains an Executive Board Member and Carrot Creative where he acts as CEO.

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