Mikko Hypponen

Mikko Hypponen

Chief Research Officer, Writer, Speaker

Keynotes by Mikko Hypponen discuss Internet crimes and those who choose to perpetrate them. In particular, Hypponen explores his belief that individuals are more likely to be victimized online rather than in the real world.

As the Chief Research Officer for 'F-Secure,' Hypponen possesses in-depth knowledge of online attacks and how to halt them. While at F-Secure, Hypponen with the help of his team, successfully shut down the network used by the 'Sobig.F' worm, a computer virus that was responsible for infecting millions of Microsoft computers. He was also the first to send out a global warning about the 'Sasser' outbreak.

With such an extensive knowledge of software and computer viruses, Hypponen consults with global law enforcement officials on cybercrimes. He was also called to address countless security-related conferences around the world. Hypponen is a contributing writer for 'Scientific America' and the 'New York Times.'

As a result of his contributions to the online community, Hypponen was selected by PC World as one of the '50 most Important People on the Web' and received the Virus Bullet Award for 'Best in Industry.' Sparking conversation on the future and security of the Web, keynotes by Mikko Hypponen attempt to put into perspective issues that prevail in the online world.

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