Milenko Matanovic

Milenko Matanovic

Executive Director at Pomegranate Center, Author

Through the use of art and creativity, Milenko Matanovic's keynotes hope to re-energize society. He currently works as the Executive Director of the Pomegranate Center, a place where art, public participation and creativity merge to create advances in societal interactions.

Through his work as an author he has written three works that focus on his concept of converging these concepts in a single arena. For his work he has been honored with the 'Leadership Legacy Award' from the Center for Ethical Leadership in 2009 and the 'Leadership Award' from the Evergreen State Society in Washington State in 1997.

With his work at the Pomegranate Center, Matanovic has held workshops, summits and leadership conferences where others have been inspired by his ideas in a hands-on setting. Similar to these opportunities, Milenko Matanovic's keynotes are an at-home opportunity to inspire creativity.

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