Mina Bissell

Mina Bissell

Iranian American Biologist, Scientist

The keynotes by Mina Bissell focus on the most recent discoveries in cancer research, developmental biology and tumour development. Mina Bissell's research has uncovered new insights towards cancer cells, and has proved revolutionary ideas wrong.

Mina Bissell is an Iranian American biologist who earned a degree in chemistry from Radcliffe College, and her Ph.D. in bacteriology from Harvard Medical School. She worked at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory as a staff biologist, as a director of the Life Sciences Division and is a distinguished scientist specializing in breast cancer. She has earned numerous awards, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Institute of Medicine.

The keynotes by Mina Bissell share new understandings for the development of cancer cells, and her work with the Bissell laboratory has made phenomenal advancements in developmental biology. Mina Bissell is a pioneer on cancer research, and she has discovered unexpected properties for the development of tumors and the surrounding microenvironment.

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