Mitch Resnick

Mitch Resnick

Scientist, Professor, Researcher

Mitch Resnick's keynote speeches focus on finding new ways to engage young people with technology. He is Director of Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Media Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2011, Resnick received the McGraw Prize in Education for his work in this area.

Resnick's holds a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University as well as a Master's and PhD from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology.) After graduating, he went on to hold several positions at MIT including Assistant Professor, Full Professor and Academic Head of the Media Arts & Sciences Program. In 2003, Resnick co-founded the Playful Invention Company and acted as Chairman until 2010.

Resnick has also worked as a science-technology correspondant for Business Week magazine. In addition to his McGraw Prize, Resnick has several other awards under his belt including the World Technology Award in education, the Kids@Play Award as the Digital Pioneer for Kids and the Eliot Pearson Award for Excellence in Children's Media.

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