Monika Bulaj

Monika Bulaj

Photographer and Writer

As a travel writer and photographer, Monika Bulaj has been able to explore some fascinating places which lends Monika Bulaj's keynotes a note of excellence that you simply cannot find in most places. As a great inspiration for aspiring travel writers and photographers, Bulaj has captured various parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America Eastern Europe and more.

As a TED Fellow, Bulaj has been an inspiration to many. Monika Bulaj's keynotes offer wisdom on geography, politics, rituals, culture and more. An accomplished author, Bulaj has published 'Libya Felix' and 'Figil di Noe' among others.

One of the most fascinating aspects about her career is the way that she captures history. As a screenwriter who has created documentaries she captures a moment in time that will never be forgotten.

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