Munir Virani

Munir Virani

Raptor Biologist, Director of The Peregrine Fund

Raptor Biologist Dr. Munir Virani's keynotes stress the importance of preserving natural methods of growth and disposal in the ecosystem and especially in the preservation of birds.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, the Munir Virani graduated with a first class Honors in Zoology and was chosen by The Peregrine Fund to train under Simon Thomsett as a Raptor Biologist. His research for his MA focused on the endangered Sokoke Scops Owl while his Ph.D was on the Augur Buzzards at Lake Naivasha, both of which were completed at the University of Leicester, United Kingdo.

Currently the director of The Peregrine Fund, Dr. Munir Virani's keynotes focus on the detrimental impact extinction can cause to the ecosystem. His passion to protect these endangered species emanates in his informative yet captivating presentations where he speaks genuinely about the creatures and their importance in the natural world.

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