Nancy Lublin

Nancy Lublin

CEO of Do Something Inc.

Presented by the creator of two important organizations, keynotes by Nancy Lublin reflect her impassioned and philanthropic nature of this entrepreneurial mind.

Often speaking about her main projects, Dress For Success and Do Something Inc., Lublin is a creative thinker with important answers to social issues. Supporting both young people and low-income women through her efforts, she is an inspiring speaker with plenty of experience in non-profit organizations. Able to connect with those whom she tries to help, the Oxford and NYU graduate is skilled at creating positive change for those seeking help. Dress For Success, Lublin's first major accomplishment, is an organization which helped low-income women get the resources they need to find work, with a particular emphasis on professional wardrobes. Do Something Inc., which was born after Dress For Success was long established, is an organization which supports teen's involvement in community outreach programs.

Inspiring, creative and engaging, keynotes by Nancy Lublin are a must-see for those interested in philanthropic causes.

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