Nat Ware

Nat Ware

Social Entrepreneur, Development Economist

The Nat Ware talk explores the concept of the expectation gap and explains how it affects our happiness. The speaker is a social entrepreneur with a passion for solving societal issues with business solutions. The founder and CEO of 180 Degrees Consulting (the world's largest university-based consultancy firm) develops and executes strategic objectives. He has previous experience as the Executive Director of of the Young Leaders Network.

Nat Ware was educated at Oxford University, receiving his MBA and Masters in Development Economics, and at the University of Sydney where he obtained his Bachelor of Economics. The award-winning academic is currently completing his PhD at Oxford in International Development. His studies clearly influenced the Nat Ware talk on happiness.

Highly accomplished, the speaker is a Goldman Sachs Global Leader, Rhodes Scholar, St Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow, World Economic Forum Global Shaker and World University Public Speaking Grand Finalist.

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