Natalie Warne

Natalie Warne

Activist, Film Editor

Keynotes by Natalie Warne promote the need for young activists in society to step up. Warne believes that young people can achieve anything if they stay motivated and committed to the cause. In particular, Warne recounts her own experiences as an 18-year-old with 'Invisible Children,'an organization that aims to aid in the rescue and rehabilitation of child soldiers.

Currently, Warne works in Los Angeles as a film editor. To this day, Warne is an activist who speaks about the potential change that younger generations are capable of. As a result of her involvement with the 'Invisible Children' campaign was featured on the Oprah Show and received extreme media attention.

Through keynotes by Natalie Warne, she advocates that no one is ever too young to instill change and make a world of difference -- she is proof herself.

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