Neal Petersen

Neal Petersen

Keynote Speaker, Journalist

Immensely engaging and motivating, Neal Petersen's speeches are something to behold.

Demanding attention each time he speaks, Petersen is an incredibly accomplished individual who speaks about his amazing life in order to inspire others. Born in South Africa during a highly tense period of racial issues, Petersen has overcome a multitude of problems in his life, and once famously sailed around the world on his own. He wrote two books about his experiences; 'No Barriers' and 'Journey of a Hope Merchant,' both of which grapple with his yachting career and what he learned from those experiences.

A highly requested speaker with a knack for waking up audiences, he is a dynamic performer with an undeniable charm. It is no wonder why Neal Peterson's speeches are so in demand; his story is compelling and he is able to draw important meaning from his experiences.

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