Neil Jain

Neil Jain


The Neil Jain speeches on youth potential discuss the role of exponential technologies, access to information and global connectivity play in innovations by young people. The high school student is passionate about solving global issues using innovation and entrepreneurship. As the founder of Team Gen Z, he leads a student-run group competing for a $10 MM Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize competition. He also founded a student group at school called the Youth Venture Club, aimed to help Seattle students gain access to tools needed to help them become entrepreneurs. He partnered with the Ashoka foundation to provide mentorship. He also ran multiple boot camps across Seattle helping his peers become more entrepreneurial. He also founded Innovation Generation, an organization whose objective is to help students become successful entrepreneurs as well.

The Neil Jain speech on the power of young people also makes note of the unparalleled creative thinking of youth.

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