Nic Marks

Nic Marks

Founder of the Centre for Well-Being, Statistician

The Nic Marks keynotes provide audiences an alternative method for measuring the well-being and happiness of today's populations. As a statistician, he's worked to create a new index to measure happiness, which can be applied to education, sustainable development for the future, health policy and economics. He created the Happy Planet Index, which takes into account both the happiness of countries in relation to the amount of resources used.

Marks is currently the founder of the Centre for Well-Being, a non-governmental organization located in England. He earned his first degree in mathematics and management studies from Cambridge University. He then received his master's in Operational Research from Lancaster University. He is frequently hired to speak about his theory and the Happy Planet Index.

The Nic Marks keynotes encourage individuals to reconsider the ways they would traditionally measure one's happiness, and are supported by fascinating facts and statistics, as well as compelling case studies.

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