Nick Bilton

Nick Bilton

Blogger, Columnist, Author, Professor

Nick Bilton's speeches are fascinating discussions that examine how information gathering, even in the wake of advancements, has remained virtually the same. Bilton believes that although technology is constantly changing, updating and adapting itself the way people collect information is based on the primitive principles of story-telling.

Bilton, who was born in England and later moved to the United States, holds a degree in Journalism and Documentary Film from New School University and a degree in Graphic Design from School of Visual Arts. Currently, Bilton is a lead blogger for The New York Times Bits Blog and a New York Times technology columnist. He has worked with and researched countless technological advancements and innovations making him well-versed in both research methods and technology. Bilton is currently an Adjunct Professor at New York University in the Interactive Telecommunication Program.

As an author, Bilton is probably most known for his book 'I Live in the Future:& Here's How It Works,' among his works and blog posts for The New York Times. Like Nick Bilton's speeches, his writings discusses the effect that technologies have on individuals and how human beings are still able to preserve some of their traditional research skills, even in an age of continuous advancements.

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