Nick Bontis

Nick Bontis

Professor, Author, Speaker

Nick Bontis's speeches are fascinating explorations of how the process of teaching should be structured and how instructors should approach classroom situations. Bontis believes that like students, teachers should be equally prepared and have meaningful engagements with the classes and the course material.

As a professor of knowledge management and business policy at McMaster University, Bontis boasts a dual perspective, as both an educator and a student. Often considered the world's leading expert on intellectual capital, Bontis was named one of the 'Top 30 Management Gurus worldwide' and was ranked as one of the 'most cited authors on intellectual capital and knowledge management in the world.'

Currently, a professional speaker and tenured professor, Bontis travels around the globe giving high energy presentations on how to improve and organize personal and business means. In terms of his education, Bontis received his Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario's Ivey School of Business and was honored as a National Teaching Fellow and Ontario's top professor.

Due to his work teaching, he was awarded 12 major teaching awards and the faculty researcher of the year. As a writer, Bontis is the 'Journal of Intellectual Capital's' Associate Editor and the author of 'Rising above the digital onslaught.

With a clear vision on how the educational process should be constructed, Nick Bontis's speeches advocate for improved engagement and involvement in the learning process.

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