Nigel Waller

Nigel Waller

Founder and CEO of Movirtu

The keynotes by Nigel Waller promote mobile technology for social change. Waller focuses on the potential market in the developing world for cell phones to provide low-income individuals with their own personal phone identity.

Nigel has over 24 years of experience in the telecome software industry, and has worked in numerous emerging markets in international countries. Nigel has served in many senior executive roles for key blue chip companies, and has worked with more than 200 service providers.

The keynotes by Nigel Waller focus on the potential economic growth that exists in the mobile technology business in developing nations. He has a gift for being able to communicate technical issues in an understandable manner, and to provide people with the best solutions possible. Nigel will continue his role as a social entrepreneur, and as an advocate for mobile technology in the developing world.

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