Nils Gilman

Nils Gilman

Author of Deviant Globalization

The Nils Gilman speeches dig into the inner workings of an interconnected system of black markets, a phenomenon he coins a 'hollowing of the developmental state.'

Gilman attended U.C. Berkeley and received a Ph.D in American History. He started his career as the marketing manager at Plumtree Software. After staying for three years he stuck to the business industry but moved to BEA Systems to be their marketing director. His next notable move was to Monitor 360 in 2006 to assume a post as Senior Practicioner.

Gilman wrote Deviant Globalization, a study on the illicit economy and its alarming growth rate.

Drawing from extensive experience in the marketing industry where researching and analyzing the global climate is imperative, the Nils Gilman speeches enlighten audiences on the increasing presence of deviant markets.

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