Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

Humanitarian, Professor

Noam Chomsky's keynotes are a reflection of his incredible understanding of the human condition and the importance of education and politics in the modern world. As a Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT for over 50 years, Chomsky's contributions to history are remarkable.

Chomsky has been widely renowned for his political influence. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1949 with a degree in philosophy and linguistics, and his master's in 1951 in the same fields, he went on to receive his PhD from the university in 1955. As one of the foremost minds in the fields of philosophy and linguistics, Chomsky became a Harvard Junior Fellow and became a staff member at MIT.

His political criticisms have garnered Chomsky recognition as a fascinating person of influence in the field of international policy. The recipient of dozens of honorary degrees from universities around the world, Chomsky was also awarded the membership of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, an honorary fellowship in the Literary and Historical Society and the Sydney Peace Prize in 2011 among many others.

An accomplished writer, Chomsky continues to lead a distinguished career.

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