Omar Ahmad

Omar Ahmad

Mayor, Chief Technology Officer, Activist, Politician

Keynotes by Omar Ahmad focus on effective ways to reach and influence politicians. Ahmad believes that using analog forms of communication such as pens and paper will reach a politician more so than modern methods including emails and phone calls.

As the former Mayor of San Carlos, Ahmad knows first-hand the amount of communication politicians receive daily and how to make certain messages stand out. Prior to this position, Ahmad was the Chief Technology Officer of Napster and an Internet entrepreneur in a variety of other ventures. From there, Ahmad went on to co-found 'TrustedID' and 'SynCH Energy Corp.' With regards to his educational background, Ahmad received his bachelor's degree in Materials Science Engineering from the University of Florida.

During his term as Mayor, Ahmad is credited with eliminated the $.3 million budget deficit previously attached to San Carlos. By examining the power that letter writing has, keynotes by Omar Ahmad suggest activists abandon modern communication means and instead use the more traditional and rare ones.

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