Paul Conneally

Paul Conneally

Head of Communications & Partnership Promotion at International Telecommunicatio

The Paul Conneally speeches explore how technology plays a major role in transforming and strengthening grass roots movements. He is currently the Head of Communications & Partnership Promotion at the International Telecommunication Union.

Conneally achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Dublin City University, and received his Master's degree in International Relations from the University College Cork, and also completed an advanced course in International Humanitarian Law at Harvard Law School in 2004.

Since 1988, Conneally worked as a broadcast and print media journalist with a focus on soci-economic issues. He also worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross for eleven years, in several regions including, Afghanistan, Somalia and Israel and the Occupied Territories. The Paul Conneally speeches are inspirational and are sure to provide insight into the use of technology in humanitarian aid.

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