Paul Gilding

Paul Gilding

Advisor, CEO, Founder, Author

Paul Gilding's speeches are enthralling discussions on the world's population growth and waning sustainability. In particular, he suggests that the Earth's massive population are quite rapidly using up resources before they can even begin replenishing.

Gilding was born and raised in Australia and for over 35 years he has been an avid activist and entrepreneur for sustainable solutions. Currently, Gilding is a Board Member at Cambia a biotechnology company, as well as an independent writer and Sustainability Advisor. Prior to his current position, Gilding was CEO and Founder of Greenpeace, Ecos Corporation and Easy Being Green. His work and service at various NGOs have endowed him with experiences on how to improve and sustain an environment, which is clearly in peril. Gilding has also taught at Cambridge University and has been an advisory consultant to some of the world's largest companies. With his in-depth understanding of the environment and the effects individuals have on it he offer groundbreaking advice to reclaim the health of the planet.

As an author, Gilding is probably most well known for his book 'The Great Disruption,' which optimistically discusses the possibility of a sustainable and healthy future. With unbreakable confidence and enthusiasm, Paul Gilding's speeches are refreshing presentations on how the Earth's sustainability can be saved.

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