Pete Warden

Pete Warden

Founder of Jetpac, Author

The keynotes by Pete Warden focus on unstructured data, and encourage experimentation. Pete believes that people should should rethink their approach to data, and tap into their unexpected resources and own data sources.

Pete earned a degree at the Institute of Science and Technology from the University of Manchester. He was an graphics engineer at Visual Sceiences, a senior engineer at Apple and the founder at Mailana. He was the CTO at MoveableCode, Inc, and the founder at OpenHeatMap. He is the author of OpenHeatMap, and the founder of Jetpac.

The keynotes by Pete Warden look at embracing the chaos of unstructured data because structured data is costly, restricted and hard to access. Warden states that unstructured data can have higher quality is searches are optimized to find the highest quality of information.

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