Peter Attia

Peter Attia

Surgeon and Co-Founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative

The keynotes by Peter Attia discuss his experience as a doctor and his expertise in diabetes. Doctor Peter Attia is a former Stanford Medical School student who performed his residency as a surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Attia also took part in a fellowship at the National Cancer Institute. He then went on to work for consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Peter Attia is known for his work with diabetes and nutrition. He is of the belief that doctors should reconsider what they think they know about the cause of diabetes so that they can better prevent it and not just treat the symptoms. Attia formed this theory after he was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, which can often lead to diabetes. Considering he led a perfectly healthy lifestyle before this, he was forced to consider that perhaps doctors are lacking in proper understanding of nutrition and what brings on diabetes.

In 2012, Attia co-founded a non-profit organization called the Nutrition Science Initiative which is dedicated to research on nutrition and diabetes.

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