Peter Bregman

Peter Bregman

CEO and Author

Peter Bregman's keynotes are as enlightened as the speaker himself. A successful businessman, father and author, Bregman is a big name in the keynote industry who specializes in innovation and learning.

A business expert holding a high title of his own, Peter is the CEO of Bregman Parterns Inc., a consulting company that has worked for many high-profile clients. Though he began consulting in a much different field, wilderness and mountaineering, Bregman comes across as comfortable and confident when speaking about issues of business and personal development. His main ideas, which he explains in both his books and speeches, reflect his idea that businesses and individuals must create situations for themselves wherein their fullest potential can be achieved.

Reconfiguring the way people think about failure, potential and growth, Peter Bregman's keynotes are incredibly inspiring and extremely strategic.

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