Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis

Chairman/CEO of The X Prize Foundation

Presentations by Peter Diamandis reflect the Harvard graduate and innovative thinker's strong interest in making the most of bright minds.

A huge supporter of humanitarian causes and original ideas, Diamandis' X Prize Foundation is perhaps most famous for propelling privately owned spacecraft 'SpaceShipOne' forward. He has a huge interst in science, in particular advancements related to outer space, and is the co-founder of Zero Gravity Corporation, which allows the public to experience a weightless existence.

Though his interests may appear to be tech-heavy, his ultimate goals are openly humanitarian and concerned with the advancement of human development. Able to think outside the box and full of some very bold ideas, Diamandis is an intriguing figure with plenty of impressive experience and knowledge. Presentations by Peter Diamandis are insightful with unusual, yet enticing content.

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