Peter Norvig

Peter Norvig

Director of Research at Google

The Peter Norvig speeches explain the concept of revolutionizing education and effectively transforming it from the traditional classroom to an online experience.

Norvig graduated from Brown University with a degree in Applied Math before completing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Berkeley. He remains a faculty member at USC and Berkeley. He has held positions in the computer industry as the Chief Scientist at Junglee or the Chief designer at Harlequin Inc before moving onto the engineering mogul, NASA. At NASA, he was the Computational Sciences Division head.

Later in his career, Norvig zeroed in on one aspect of computer science: Artifical Intelligence. He is a Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence. He has also written over 50 books on the topic, such as 'Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.' With the read being a leading college text, he took the idea further, developing a successful online course for more than 150,000 students. Norvig teaches more online courses through Udacity.

As we spend more time on our laptops than in class, the future of education is set to make a huge change. The Peter Norvig speeches provide insight into how to make the switch, as he is armed with a well-received recipe for virtual learning.

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