Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas

Co-Founder of Gizmodo and Engadget

The keynotes by Peter Rojas focus on the abundance of media. He believes that people are being overloaded with too much information and that there is enough back catalog of content, and there should be a stop to online piracy.

Peter Rojas earned a degree in social studies from Harvard University, and his master's in English literature from the University of Sussex. He worked at Red Herring magazine as an associate editor and a writer. He is the co-fouder of Gizmodo and Engadget. He founded the video game blog Joystiq, and he launched an online record label RCRD LBL in 2007. He was described by New York magazine as 'the best-compensated blogger in history.'

The keynotes by Peter Rojas discuss the overloading content on the Internet, and he claims that there is too much to consume. Peter Rojas provides humorous and sarcastic speeches that offer audiences a different perspective of the media industry.

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