Peter Sells

Peter Sells

Former Professional Gambler, Marketing Guru, Head of Mobile at BBH

The keynotes by Peter Sells focus on marketing behavior and shifting attention from traditional data to behavioral data. He takes a different approach to marketing in which selling the client on one big bet is not the key to success. He believes that inputting live data into business plans is necessary for a company to understand what to gamble.

Peter Sells started studying the human brain at the University of Sussex where he earned a degree in Cognitive Psychology. Later he worked for MTV International, Bartle Bogle Hegarty and he was also professional gambler. Currently, he is the Head of Mobile at BBH, and specializes in marketing and advertising.

The keynotes by Peter Sells apply behavioral data to contemporary marketing tactics and create new ways to reduce the risk factor in business. He is a marketing guru who uses his past experiences in gambling for marketing, and this has led him to create new and innovative strategies.

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