Peter Weijmarshausen

Peter Weijmarshausen

CEO at Shapeways

The Peter Weijmarshausen speeches explore the advantages and disadvantages of mass product production, and also explain the benefits of 3D printing. Weijmarshausen is the CEO at Shapeways, which is an online service that designs and produces a wide range of personalized products.

Shapeways was founded in 2007 within the Philips Electronics Lifestyle Incubator, which was developed through to its beta staging; however, in 2010 Shapeways became an independent company, which is currently located in New York City, and also holds operations in Eindhoven.

Weijmarshausen achieved his bachelor's degree from the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven University in 1997. The Peter Weijmarshausen speeches are sure to provide insightful information and tips on how companies can innovate on product production.

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