Peter Whybrow

Peter Whybrow

Psychiatrist and Neuroscientist

Keynotes by Peter Whybrow explore the ways in which brain development alters due to a changing social environment.

Thoroughly educated and exquisitely well-spoken, Whybrow is the Director for the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior whose knowledge lies in the intersection of psychiatry and neuroscience. Peter has written several books which have received great praise, and has even been interviewed by Charlie Rose. Having gained a name for himself for his expertise in manic depression and the mental effects of thyroid disease, Whybrow is a respected expert in his field with much to offer the academic world. Keynotes by Peter Whybrow tend to focus on the issue of mental health within the context of a changing world.

Drawing important and meaningful conclusions from trends in neuroscience, Peter Whybrow is an expert at making ties between specialized scientific data and a bigger picture.

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