Peter van Uhm

Peter van Uhm

Former Chief of Netherlands Defence Staff

Peter van Uhm's speeches highlight the advantages of having a gun, reinstating the value of armies and their place in keeping world peace, as opposed to their perceived role in cultivating violence.

He completed his initial military training at Koninklijke Militaire Academie and a few short years later served as a platoon commander at the Royal Military School in Weert. Serving in the field of battle on the UNIFIL mission he rose the ranks to become a captain. Following his time as a soldier he took courses to assume positions within the higher strategic ranks. Holding important positions from Battalion Commander to Ministry of Foreign Affairs liaison officer to the Head of the Military-Strategic Affiars Divison of the Defense Staff, van Uhm held a lengthy list of titles under his belt before being promoted to full general and assigned Chief of the Netherlands Defence Staff.

Extensive experience in the military would give anyone ample opportunity to understand the price of freedom and stability, which Peter van Uhm's speeches explain and stress.

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