Phil Borges

Phil Borges


The Phil Borges keynotes promote the importance of remembering past stories and languages of indigenous individuals in an age of declining culture and languages. Borges believes that the past of indigenous people must be preserved and passed down to younger generations.

Borges is a notable indigenous and tribal culture photographer, who has interviewed and documented generations of people in the developing world. He graduated from the University of California as a Regents Scholar and was later awarded the University of California Medal. Due to his work highlighting the conditions and cultures of indigenous individuals, Borges was presented with the Photo Media Magazine 'Photoperson of the Year' award. Borges has also been honored with the 'Humanitarian Award' and named a 'Giraffe Hero.'

He is a co-founder of the Blue Earth Alliance and has hosted television documentaries, which explore indigenous cultures and traditions for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. In 2001, Borges founded 'Bridges to Understanding,' an organization that uses digital technology to allow storytelling among surviving generations. Borges' artistic involvement and intimate relationships with his subject make him an expert on indigenous culture and an advocate for its continued preservation and protection. With true passion and desire to see the past preserved Phil Borges keynotes hope to influence the preservation of the past through modern means.

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