Philip Schiller

Philip Schiller

Vice President of Global Marketing at Apple

The keynotes by Philip Schiller predominately focus on the release of brand new Apple products. He goes into great detail revealing and explaining a new product or a new version of a product and its updated features and capabilities. his face is recognized by millions of Apple enthusiasts. He currently occupies the position of Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing at Apple Inc. Prior to working at Apple, Schiller held positions at Nolan, Macromedia and FirePower Systems, Inc. He joined the Apple team in 1997.

Schiller has applied his Bachelor of Science Degree from Boston College to cultivate a reputable career in marketing over the last 25 years. He had an instrumental role in formatting the marketing for products like iMac, iPod and OS X.

The keynotes by Philip Schiller illustrate the marketing guru's experience and knowledge of today's top tech and digital trends.

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